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If you don't have tackle of your own, and you want to have a go, we have both fly and bait rods, nets, a large selection of flies and lures all here on site - all you need to bring is yourself. We have a heated lodge, with toilet facilities for the disabled, as well as a sitting area and a selection of snacks and hot and cold drinks. Car parking is right beside the lodge, and 30 metres from the lochs, but disabled anglers are welcome to drive right up to the edge of the water.


Opening times.(We do allow fishing for our regulars after these hours below only by prior arrangement if required,just let us know)

Mon to Sun 8.30am to 6pm

Whichever comes first according to season as winter months daylight hours are shorter.

All catch tickets have no limit catch and release after and before selecting your fish to take.Your FIRST fish on all catch tickets MUST be killed and afterwards you may select your fish to keep upto your limit.

Full day 3 fish for 28 ( This is around 8 hours for example)
6 Hours 2 fish for 24
4 hours 2 fish for 20

Parent and child(under 14yrs old)4 Hours share 2 fish 26(Must Kill First 2 fish)

Rod Hire on all lochs

7 for length of stay fishing


Full day Catch and Release 18(8 hours)
6 hours Catch and Release 15
4 hours Catch and Release 12


Spend a day at the Glen,full day candr and the next day session at Millbuies 2 fish plus candr on the boat for 40.Must be 2 consecutive days only.Must be prebooked.

There is a maximum of 30 anglers only allowed on the fly lochs at any one time for anglers comfort and pleasure of fishing in plenty of space to enjoy their fishing without having to stand as close to another angler.Apart from competitions where we can easily accomadate 60 anglers with plenty of room to cast.A separate loch can be booked for any club outings if required,just contact the fishery for details.

For information.
All members of the Glenbuies flyfishing club aswell as staff, have the authority to ask to leave and check flies,bags and equipment or if they see anyone abusing the fisheries rules of both, Millbuies or the Glen.

We also can provide accomadation at the fishery if required just give us a call for more information.


8 for 1 fish
12 for 2 fish
16 for 3 fish
20 for 4 fish

If you require more fish than limit allows, a new ticket needs to be purchased at above prices.The choice of fish to be kept is made before you go fishing at above rate and on purchase of ticket.This is designed for children to catch a fish and is always well stocked.

Any carp, brown trout, tench and bream must be returned safely to the water if caught.

A maximum of 6 anglers at a time only on this loch for anglers fishing comfort.Groups can book the loch for more anglers for the day if required where it will be exclusive for them on that day.


1 rod used 10 8 Hours
2 rods used 15 Prices are related to fishery opening hours

No Overnight fishing allowed until further notice

Only 10 anglers are allowed on this loch at any one time for comfort of fishing with space and the enjoyment of angling.Unlike the bait loch,this is dedicated to coarse anglers ONLY.We do not supply any bait,or hire rods for this loch at all.All equipment is supplied by the angler and must be proper coarse tackle which is checked by staff before fishing.Strictly barbless hooks only,max size 12,s.

Bubble floats are not allowed on this loch.No Bread or tiger nuts allowed.
NO GROUNDBAITING required.This loch does not need it and reduces catch rates for anglers.

All spaces on all lochs are on a first come,,first served basis or by prior booking,which is advised.

The fishery supplies all nets required and no Other nets are allowed to be used on any of our waters to stop any contamination.PLease note that the nets are not carrier bags for fish to carry around the fishery please use a bag(not supplied)

Order flies direct, no post or packing charged. All flies are hand tied and tied to last on Kamasan hooks, with only the best quality materials used. Just ask for details!

February 20, 2017
New report is now up.

January 29, 2017
The kids Acadamy is for children from age 8 to 16 yrs old who are interested in fly fishing and learning the art of fly fishing. All tackle,instruction,fishing on the lochs and fish is given free and costs absoloutly nothing! It will run on the 2nd Sunday of each month from April to October 2017 with NO academy day in July to allow for holidays etc,so all in all it is 6 academy days. At the end of the course,each child will receive new tackle of rod ,reel and lines and other items throughout the course which will enable them to carry on the sport at no cost to parents. Names are taken on a first come first served basis and we limit it to 10 children so as they actually learn and get the time given to them and learn. It will run from 10am to 1pm every 2nd Sunday of the month starting in April 2017. This is what we offer and now, what we ask from you,the parents. Places are limited to 10 so its important that your child actually is interested and its not something YOU want them to do and force them along and possibly take a place from someone else.Bear in mind we are giving everything for free and all we ask is a commitment for 3 hours ,once a month for 6 months.If your unable to do this PLEASE don't put your name forward and possibly let someone else lose out on a place.It is not a baby sitting service but for them to learn fly fishing.We don't allow parents to stand with the kids while being taught for safety but they are in capable hands as all instructors are CRB checked and in a safe enviroment.First aid trained instructors are on hand also so you have no worries.We do not give away free tackle if you miss out on some of the days of the course and it is at our discretion,obviously we accept children can get illness. Anyone who is interested putting names forward and are happy with the above terms which are important can contact us with details,but please,it has to be something your child wants to do and you agree to the above.While its free for the children it does cost for tackle and instructors who do it for the love of the sport and want to encourage youngsters into it. Below is some of the pictures fro this years academy.These children will go on next year to help the new intake so we don't just forget the once they finish and we intend to form a youth club of young anglers in the next coming year or two . It is amazing what the children get from these academy days,which is important.They come shy and grow in confidence and relate to adults and have a laugh,make new friends,enjoy fishing,learn a new art of fly fishing,fly tying and it brings out hidden talents they have,expression and confidence,listening and discipline,the environment and wildlife around them,fresh air away from technology for a while,a new interest, all skills they take back into the community and helps them grow into responsible people.The benefits are huge and ITS ALL FREE. Some say we make a fortune from this.Well if you can do this from FREE let us know how to do it,we get a lot of pleasure from the fun and chatter the children give and seeing them enjoy a sport we love and grow into anglers, this is why we do it. Check out our facebook page for pictures and more

January 27, 2017

Come and learn to Fly Fish at the Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery.

Glen of Rothes has 6 acres of water, set in magnificent Highland scenery in the Northeast of Scotland, and provides excellent Stillwater bank fishing for Rainbow trout, as well as for Browns, Blue rainbows and Brook trout. The lochs are mainly fly only, but there is a dedicated coarse loch with superb quality Carp, bream, orfe and tench well into double figures and is the only coarse loch in the area and a seperate bait loch suitable for families with rainbow trout. Whether you are an expert or just looking to try something new during your holiday, there is no need to book ahead, unless you require instruction or guiding. Just come to the lodge to buy your day or part-day permit, and you will receive friendly advice on what flies and tackle to use (rods and landing nets are available for hire if you don't have your own). The water from the Fishery flows only a mile before joining the mighty River Spey, renowned throughout the world for it's salmon fishing, and the area is also the heart of the Scotch Whisky industry. There are 30 distilleries within a 20-mile radius of the Fishery, many of which are open for visitors to tour round and have a free sample of the produce - the Fishery itself stocks a number of tagged fish each month, and the angler that catches one immediately receives 50 cash, providing you have entered into it and always ask about it. We can forget now and then to say about it. During the summer, we have a resident Osprey, and there is often an Otter on the go during the winter months. There is food available along with a well stocked tackle shop for all your tackle needs from all major brand names.

Get away from it all for a while!

The lochs are stocked on a regular basis, and daily during the summer, to ensure a steady head of fish that will give a challenging but highly rewarding day's fishing. The average weight of each fish caught has been steady at 2lb ever since the Fishery opened in 1994, and the record for the heaviest rainbow trout stands at 18 lbs and 9 ozs Catches of over 30 fish for a day are quite achievable for those who have got to know the water and how it fishes. Now that the lochs are matured and fly life is abundant, the dry fly sport is exceptionaland even the huge carp in the lochs will take a well presented fly with the best being taken around 26 lbs in weight.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery is a member of both the North of Scotland Stillwater Fisheries Association, and the Association of Scottish Stillwater Fisheries.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery - Glen of Rothes - Aberlour - AB38 7AG - Scotland
Telephone 01340 831888 or 07967 466973 - Fax 01340 831888

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